Back Health When Carrying School Bag

1st September 2014

School Bags; Back Pain; Advice

It is this time of year that I find myself chatting more about school bags and options for keeping our children’s backs safe./

Adolescent Back Pain Treatment Cardiff We are well designed for carrying bags and should not worry too much about how we do it, as long as we vary the position frequently. Rucksacks are great as when worn over both shoulders and the weight is spread evenly. Bags slung over the same shoulder for long periods of time can be more problematic, as an imbalance can develop between the carrying and non-carrying sides of the body. Over time this can potentially result in repetitive injuries to the back, neck or shoulder.

Advice to School Children
1. Carry their bags on both sides
2. Don’t overload the bag with things that are not needed
3. Put the bag down when you have an opportunity
4. Use a rucksack where possible

If this advice is adhered to then the risk of injury is vastly reduced. Whilst aimed at school children, we all carry bags from time to time…some more than others. So whether you are a school child, parent or grandparent it is important to vary your carrying habits to prevent back injury.