A case study of an onsite physio service

Occupational Health Physiotherapy; OH Physio; Absence Management

We provide high quality occupational Health Physio Services to companies in Cardiff, Swansea and throughout South Wales. This case study describes a service provided to a national steel maker at the service centre in Gwent.

Savings from oh physio serviceOn commencing the onsite OH Physiotherapy service one half day a week, the company had an absence level of approximately 12%. This was made up of predominantly Musculoskeletal Disorders (MOD’s), inefficient return to work practices and ineffective self-management of chronic problems.

The Onsite Physio delivered OH Physio assessment and treatment sessions of 30 minutes each. This was augmented by worksite ergonomic assessment, training to management and employees and return to work planning. A couple of home visits were also provided from time to time.

This responsive, yet comprehensive, service had dramatic results to the absence levels, with a fall and maintenance of around 4% per annum. Aside from the fantastic savings that this made for the company, a greater awareness of self-management of MSD’s was achieved within this ageing and predominantly male employee demographic.

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