Getting neck pain when cycling?

1st October 2015

Cycling Injuries, Advice, Prevention

There is nothing more frustrating than heading out for a cycle and having to stop due to a burning ache in the base of the neck and in the shoulders.

Getting neck pain when cycling? Maybe it kicks off after a certain distance, or you suffer for the rest of the day – it is annoying and painful.

Don’t worry, there are simple solutions when the source of the problem has been established. Neck pain should not be ignored, something is not right and your body is telling you. It is likely to get worse if you don’t get it resolved.

So where could the source of the problems be? Well, you need to consider each of the following:

1. Bike set-up – what is your riding position like? Are you over reaching and so causing impingement at the base of the neck?

2. Neck mobility – is your neck stiff and so not giving you sufficient movement to be able to ride in a comfortable position for a full trip?

3. Neck strength – does your neck, and even back, have insufficient core stamina to maintain a comfortable posture throughout the ride.

If reading this sounds familiar, we would recommend you visit our Cycle Clinic to have your posture, bike set-up and fitness assessed and optimised. Why not speak to a Physio to discuss your situation specificially.