How can my shoulder pain be coming from my neck?

Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain

When is shoulder pain not shoulder pain? When it emanates from your neck.

Shoulder pain from your neck It is not uncommon for what feels like a problem in your shoulder to be related to issues in the structures of your neck. Wear and tear in the joints or discs can result in a loss of disc height which, in turn, can result in nerve entrapment.

Squashing the nerve root at vertebral level C5/6 will result in referred pain being felt in the shoulder on that side. The pain is in the shoulder but often no significant loss of movement is experienced. Additionally, there are no tender spots in the shoulder that reproduce your pain.

You might find that that you feel some stiffness in your neck, and some pain at the base of your neck spreading out to your shoulders.

Such pain in the shoulder can be treated effectively with Physio but focus of the treatment to the appropriate neck structures is paramount to seeing effective symptoms relief.

If this sounds like your symptoms why not book an appointment or speak to one of our Cardiff Shoulder Physios who will be more than happy to explain how we can help you.