Keeping your New Year's resolutions 2015

26th January 2015

2015; New Years Resolutions; Motivation

New Year can be a renewing and reflective time of the year, but as the festive lights dim how are your commitments to fitness going?

keeping you 2015 new years resolution The rush to resolve to join the gym, exercise more, eat well and drink less are often easily achieved after the excesses of Christmas.

The key to keeping these simple resolutions going when life becomes busy is to ‘do what you can’.

The decision to do more exercise will make you feel better and live a happier life. Going to the gym 3 times a week may not, however, be achievable past the focus of January. So what to do?

1) Take activity on the way home from work – don’t go straight home as there are too many distractions there.

2) Agree with your family, partner etc what days you will be exercising, and make sure that these days are not “double booked”.

3) Consider exercising with someone else. Make an agreement to meet up as it means you will be less likely to change your mind.

4) Finally, if you’ve lost the initial motivation, don’t worry. Start again, this time with a little less commitment or time requirement. You will get the benefits and also consistency.

Good luck, keep motivated and keep the activity simple to build consistency and really see the benefits.