Recurrent Ankle Sprains

15th April 2014

Ankle; Sprain; Strain

The ankle is a intricate area of the body that takes significant forces from the leg and transfers them to the foot. Whilst the ankle joints work well and remain stable due to a series of muscles and ligaments, its biggest risk for injury is where it becomes sprained when rolling over on it.

Recurrent Ankle Sprain Treatmetn Cardiff Standing or running on an unexpected object, slipping on a wet surface or through contact during a tackle will often be a common cause for such a twisted ankle.

Following this injury it is likely that there will be pain, possibly some swelling and even bruising depending on the damage that has occurred. Healing can take 3 to 6 weeks, however it is very common that residual weakness of the ankle can ensue and recurrence can occur.

If you are experiencing what feels like a week ankle or you are unable to return to your normal activity you should see a Physiotherapist. They will not only be able to check you muscles and ligaments, but also provide you with a bespoke rehabilitation programming for your ankle to regain the key element that is often what causes this 'weakened ankle' situation....your Proprioception.

Proprioception is the ability for the body to balance and know where it is in space. When an injury occurs we stop using that part of the body due to the pain we feel, this will result in healing but a secondary loss of proprioception. Without regaining and improving it you are left with an ankle with less balance even though it is no longer painful...a perfect situation or re-spraining and twisting your ankle again.

If you feel that you activity and sports performance is being limited due to recurrent ankle pain or always going over on it, please contact us today to arrange an dont have t put up with these problems. Alternatively if you would like to speak to a Physiotherapist with no commitment just complete this request and we will call you back.