Referred neck pain

Referred Neck Pain, Nerve Entrapment, Advice

Neck pain can be caused by many structures within the neck. Our Physios are here to diagnose, treat and help you to get better.

Referred neck pain treatment CardiffMuscles, joints, bones and ligaments of the neck can all contribute to a painful neck. What about your shoulder or arm though?

It is not uncommon for us to meet patients at one of our physio clinics in Cardiff who is experiencing pain with its source in the neck, but that extends beyond the neck alone.

Sensations of hand, wrist and arm burning or tingling are often the result of nerve entrapment in the neck.

Whilst the pain in the arm, hand or shoulder is very real, it is the neck structures that are at fault and careful assessment by our physios will result in efficient and rapid pain relief from your symptoms.

If these symptoms sound familar then don't suffer and put up with pain we are here to help. Speak to one of our Physios now to make a booking.