Sciatica..... a pain in the leg!

17th October 2015

Sciatica, Back Pain, Physio

Sciatica describes symptoms felt in the hip/buttock, back of the thigh and often reaching to the calf and foot. It is commonly but, not always, associated with low back pain, which often makes matters worse.

Sciatica Treatment in Cardiff The symptoms can occur as a result of a slipped disc, poor sitting posture, spinal wear & tear or a sudden back injury like a fall. The good news is that as bad you feel, most people with an onset of sciatica will be better in 6 weeks. This time is reduced by taking appropriate action:

1. Keep Moving With sharp, burning leg pain, the temptation is to sit or lay down and wait for it to go. There is strong evidence that this will increase duration. So, try to take short walks on an hourly basis, interspersed with rest. Movement helps prevent muscle spasm and weakening.

2. Medication – pain relief Taking appropriate pain relief helps reduce your symptoms and, therefore, increases your ability to be active. Speak to your pharmacist about what you should take.

3. Physiotherapy A few sessions with an experienced Physiotherapist will help you to get relief from sciatica quickly. You’ll get advice, treatment and an exercise programme to reduce your symptoms and to know how to manage things for the future. f you live in or around South Wales you can get an appointment with a Physio in Cardiff or a Physio in Penarth. If you cannot get to one of our Clinics, why not book a telephone consultation with one of our Senior Physiotherapists. You’ll receive structured advice and an exercise programme to treat your symptoms and get back to normal.