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Shoulder Injuries

Clicking, catching or painful shoulders can interrupt your sleep or restrict your normal tasks.

Injuries to the shoulder can occur in many ways - slips and trips or heavy lifts are frequent culprits. More gradual onset of problems is also common though with conditions such as a frozen shoulder or rotator cuff tendinosis.

Our Physios are highly experienced in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of all shoulder injuries including rehabilitation following fractures.

If you are finding that your shoulder pain is impacting on your life and causing you discomfort then please get in touch with us and we will be able to discuss how we can help further.

"James got me from barely being able to run 3 miles to a full triathlon in 6 weeks!"

Suggested Articles

A Frozen Shoulder - Explained.

A frozen shoulder (aka adhesive capsulitis) is a very painful condition which results from the shoulder capsule becoming adhered to itself. Receiving physiotherapy treatment in the early stages can drastically reduce the functional limitation that develops and the time it takes for it return to normal. Read this article for more information about how and why physiotherapy helps a frozen shoulder.

Shoulder Pain and Desk Work

It is not uncommon to see colleagues rubbing thier necks when they move away from their desks. Sitting for prolonged periods of time in poor postures will result in aches and pain in the neck and shoulder region. This brief article will update you on why your sitting posture is key to preventing work related shoulder pain.

How can my Shoulder Pain be Coming from my neck?

Discussion is often had in clinical professions as to the true source of someones shoulder pain. It is not uncommon for their symptoms to be firmly located within the shoulder region but that the cause is related to problems in the neck. Find out more about how this may be affecting you.

Suggested Videos

How to find your neutral shoulder position.

Typical signs of rotator cuff impingement syndrome.

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