Keep your neck moving following a whiplash injury

Whiplash, Self Management, Treatment

If you are unfortunate enough to experience whiplash, you will probably be having mild to significant neck pain. Of course, you will probably also be thinking that keeping your neck still is the best idea…….. think again!

Treatment for whiplsh in Cardiff By holding yourself still and not moving, you will find that the strained muscle joints and ligaments of your neck will become stiffer. This causes more pain and naturally dissuades you from moving more.

Slow, gentle movements of your neck left and right, up and down, should be attempted to prevent this excessive stiffening occurring. If you are unable to move your neck speak to one of our whiplash Physios who will be happy to talk through your symptoms.

If you get other symptoms such as dizziness, blackout or acute pain when moving your neck, speak to your GP or NHS Direct.