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Posture Clinic

Poor posture is often a very relevant aspect of neck and back pain. If you have realised that your posture could be better, then you need to visit our Cardiff & Penarth Posture Clinics.

Our Physios will tailor an individualised posture and core stability retraining program for you based on your symptoms and lifestyle. We do not just stop at a list of exercises, we will give you hints and tips to make compliance easy and the benefits swift.

The main reason that posture causes so many musculoskeletal problems such as neck pain, tension headaches, shoulder aches and trapped nerves is that advice is not tailored to the needs of the individual. A bespoke analysis of your posture is essential to determine the aspects and factors that you need to work on.

So if you feel that your posture could be improved and you want success then speak to one of our Physios, or call us directly to make an appointment at one of our Cardiff Posture Clinics.

"Knowing that this service is available, effective, efficient, comprehensively explained and so friendly makes me a much happier person."

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