Shoulder Pain and Desk Working

Shoulder Pain, Desk Worker, Office Work Injuries

Desk based work is a feature of many UK workers daily lives. Sitting at a desk and using computers will inherently lead to limited movement of the shoulders. In reality, it is not unreasonable for the arms not to be moved above the head all day.

Shoulder Pain and Desk Working The consequence of not stretching the shoulder (like any joint) through its full range of movement is an increased risk of cumulative injury to the associated muscles, ligaments and joints.

Regular movement of the shoulder allows for the inherent flexibility of these structures to be maintained.

Thus keeping the shoulder fit and healthy, rather than stiff and vulnerable to injury and pain.

Shoulder pain is not an uncommon symptom for office workers and can be the source of elbow or neck muscle symptoms.

The solution is simple though, through the addition of occasional stretches of your arms above your head you will keep the shoulder moving and flexible.