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Back Health When Carrying School Bags

Carrying heavy books and kit on your back can be uncomfortable, this article has lots of advice to help get the best type of bag for your kids...

1st September 2014
Spotlight on Karen

Karen Warlow, one of the James Rind Physiotherapy Administrators talks here about her new found passion for running. Read her advice for achieving the best results and what she hopes to achieve in the next few months

15th August 2015
A Short Guide to Posture

Posture is the position you find your body in to undertake the tasks of your day to day life. What makes it “good” or “bad” relates to not only the position but how long you adopt that position for. We are able to adopt

21st June 2015
Are you getting enough activity at work?

Our workplaces offer us all great opportunities...income, social interaction and sometimes fun! What it is more and more commonly offering though is an opportunity to be too sedentary.

15th June 2015
Common Cycling Injuries

The popularity of road cycling has increased significantly over the past few years. The recent and consistent successes of British Cycling and the London Olympics have certainly supported this.

1st June 2015
I’ve Got Back Pain...What Can I do?

Back pain is a common condition with 80% of the general population suffering from it at some point in their lives. Although common nothing really prepares you for what it is like.

15th May 2014
Preventing Tennis Injuries

Like any sport your ability to play tennis requires skill and training in combination with a good measure of physical and mental fitness. Again as with all sports the presence of injuries limits your ability and overall enjoyment of the game.

4th May 2014
Recurrent Ankle Sprains

The ankle is an intricate area of the body that takes significant forces from the leg and transfers them to the foot. Whilst the ankle joints work well and remain stable due to a series of muscles and ligaments, its biggest risk for injury is where it becomes sprained when rolling over on it.

15th April 2014
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